About Mobilis

About Mobilis

Mobilis Health was formed in 2015 with the goal of providing advanced monitoring services to physicians and patients, while simplifying the workflow process necessary to complete the cardiac testing. We achieve this goal by utilizing one of the market's most sophisticated wireless telemetry devices available and interfacing its reporting capabilities with the nation's most popular EMR systems.

St. Louis Address

4240 Duncan Ave., Suite 200

St. Louis, MO 63110  

(314) 409-6968

Pittsburgh Address

400 Penn Center Blvd., Suite 305

Pittsburgh, PA 15235

(412) 823-1976

Our Leadership

The Mobilis senior management team is comprised of individuals who possess over 75 years of healthcare experience, as well as significant experience in sales and marketing, strategic business development, and independent diagnostic testing facility management.

Our Partners

Mobilis has partnered with ScottCare to utilize their 3-in-1 mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry system called TeleSense. This device reduces the necessity to have a patient return to the hospital or physician's office, should the doctor decide that more extensive testing is required. Mobilis and ScottCare have also developed software capable of reporting various forms of monitoring through a single dashboard.